How Pinjaze Sauna Blanket benefits your life

How Pinjaze Sauna Blanket benefits your life

What are the advantages of sauna?

The main features of sauna are hot and perspiration. That means the benefits of sauna in body health are: detox, metabolism and blood circulation acceleration, cellulite reduction, muscle tension relief and strengthening immune system. As a result, sauna would be popular in groups who want weight loss for slimming, healthy for wellness and getting relaxation, comfort and enjoyment after work or school. Further more, sauna products would be more prevalent in female group since both beauty and weight loss are fit the demands from women perfectly.

Sauna cradled in Finland is admirable around the world constantly as a traditional healthy enjoyment. When sauna stepping to global, the form changed to diverse for adapting different native environment like Turkish bath, Korean steam sauna and others.

Why sauna blanket?

In modern life, people would like to stay quietly at home instead of do sports in gyms. However, traditional sauna room would be high cost of space and money, even maybe out of home. So how to bring sauna for home using to personal, as fast and efficient? Is there a compact and convenient thing to satisfy demands of people? Yes indeed, sauna blanket. Pinjaze sauna blanket could cover the whole body to heat as safe temperature with setting time, which can provides you a highest comfort. Still more, this sauna blanket can be fold easily for taking everywhere you want, such convenient and compact. To follow the trend of beauty and wellness, Pinjaze sauna blanket is also appropriate to be sent as present.

Obviously, sauna is becoming a milestone of high quality and leisure enjoyment and relaxation today. Having a Pinjaze sauna blanket could make you gaining the highest enjoyment, comfort and happiness from a personal leisure sauna time!

How sauna blanket works?

Pinjaze sauna blanket uses infrared rays to heat, which means fast to heat under 10 minutes, low electricity cost and safe from fire alarm. Also, the launching time and temperature can be set as you like. There are different types of Pinjaze blanket with armholes, sleeves and zippers for fit your body when you are covered in the blanket. In addition, the inner of blanket uses PVC material for easy clean after your personal sauna time.

As article above, Pinjaze sauna blanket could be fold smaller than a pillow which is portable and compact for using out of home like hotel when travelling, after swimming or others.

Why Pinjaze?

Pinjaze is an electronic technology company which name could be simplified as UTR, with more than five decades history contributing in electronic technology research. Durable and high quality of products are honors belonging to Pinjaze for a long time since it grew to a mature technology company from a beginner before 40 years. For partner relationship, UTR cooperated with multiple logistics companies and supply chains, and many different retailers including Ecommerce shops, devoting to global market.

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