Pinjaze Sauna Blanket Enjoy the sauna SPA at home!

Pinjaze Sauna Blanket Enjoy the sauna SPA at home!

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Do you have stiff shoulders and necks, poor sleep, decreased memory, fatigue, constipation, lumbar muscle strain, gout, obesity, etc.

Don't worry that Pinjaze sauna blanket can help you solve the above problems!

Sauna is a kind of leisure project. The functions of sauna are mainly as follows: 1. Beauty and beauty, which can accelerate the elimination of toxins in the skin, make the skin full of elasticity, and replenish moisture. 2. It has a certain degree of weight loss effect and can lose weight and shape your body. 3. After the sweat is over, it can effectively relieve stress and refresh the energy. Fourth, accelerate the blood circulation inside the body, accelerate the circulation of blood, and accelerate the metabolic process. 5. Improve the sub-health state of the body. Sixth, improve lung function, speed up the movement of the fibrous tissue of the respiratory tract.

It is suitable for both male and female customers, especially for people over 30 years old. Suitable for people who want human health, people who are nervous about mental work, people who are physically exhausted, to prevent premature aging, lack of energy, sub-healthy people, rehabilitation after illness, postpartum rehabilitation, more entertainment, smoking, drinking, less exercise, and less perspiration People who drive for a long time, play cards, surf the Internet, people who desire to beautify the whole body, lose weight, people with lumbar disc disease, people with irregular life, poor sleep quality, and neurasthenia. People with cold and damp physique.

The process of sauna is also the process of removing dampness from the body. After the sauna is over, the pores of the whole body will be opened. At this time, avoid bathing, blowing fans, blowing air conditioners, etc. to prevent cold air from invading the body again.

High-quality infrared sauna blanket, made of Oxford cloth, has the advantages of light and thin texture, soft hand feeling, good waterproofness, and good durability. The sauna blanket uses the latest far-infrared heating therapy to accelerate the body's metabolism by heating its internal tissues, and meet all the needs of body relaxation and detoxification. He can also let you do everything in the beauty salon without leaving home. (Reminder: When using the remote control, you only need to open the plastic film on the tail to turn on the power to work). Other sauna rooms require you to sit for a long time, and our sauna blanket allows you to lie down comfortably; there is no better way to lose weight while lying down (Reminder: Please do not fold it when using it, and fold it when the blanket cools down. .Because folding during use may cause local high temperature of the heating wire)

Ultra-high density and uniform heating. The electric heating wire on the market is 18M. We have lengthened the internal heating wire to 26M. Even heating, faster heating, intelligent constant temperature, system upgrade, upper and lower layers are heated separately in one minute, and the temperature can be controlled at will. High-quality zipper saves time and effort, and you can easily operate and enjoy the sauna at home. Exquisite edging design, beautiful and durable. Safety performance: The upgraded safety performance device has overload protection. Once the temperature exceeds 85℃, it will automatically cut off the power to stop heating. This safety function test is a mandatory inspection process before sales. Waterproof and heat-resistant Oxford cloth protects the heating wire to maintain high efficiency and long service life.

Four rows and one plastic, the healthier the more beautiful.

Beauty wicks perspiration, discharges sweat, and the skin is shiny and elastic. Body dehumidification, infrared high temperature discharges garbage and cold humidity. Health and shaping, body fat booster shapes the curve. It keeps health and drains pollution, infrared rays release energy, open pores and expel dirt. This deep relaxation care is also very suitable for relieving stress, joints and stiff muscles, improving skin quality, improving sleep quality, reducing excess body fat, perspiring and detoxifying.

How to use sauna blanket

  1. Adjust the temperature of the main box, the recommended temperature is 65-75 degrees
  2. Put on a disposable bath bag
  3. Sleep in the sauna blanket with your head exposed Close the zipper, close your eyes and enjoy 30-40 minute
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