UDINEK, electric heat massage knee pads,Keep you away from knee pain!

UDINEK, electric heat massage knee pads,Keep you away from knee pain!

The effect of electric thermal knee pads

It can effectively improve blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, activate cells, promote metabolism, dredge meridians, remove wind and dehumidification, analgesia and remove cold, and enhance the body's disease resistanceTen efficacy instructions.Activation of endocrine, can also relieve local fatigue and pain in the body, reduce wear, protect the joint from injury in exercise, can well ensure the health of the human body's knee, can avoid some problems of knee pain caused by the problem of wind and cold.

At the same time, negative ions enter the human body through breathing and skin, adjust the acidity of the blood, so that it is weak alkaline, alkaline ions have the effect of surfactant, so that cholesterol in the blood vessels form colloids and disperse, reduce the flocculation of blood, reduce blood pressure.

Ten efficacy instructions

  1. Activate the activity of biological macromolecules, so as to play the function of biological macromolecules to regulate the body's metabolic and immune activities, is conducive to the recovery and balance of the body's function, to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.
  2. Promote blood circulation and improve microcirculation.
  3. Enhance metabolism.
  4. Improve immune function.
  5. It is anti-inflammatory and swelling.
  6. It has an analgesic effect.
  7. Knee protection directly around the knee and joint, abdomen and elbow protection, foot acid has a certain auxiliary joint pain effect.
  8. Especially suitable for bicycle riders and middle-aged and elderly warm knees and other general use groups.
  9. It has a certain adjuvant treatment effect on rheumatoid arthritis.
  10. You just need to adjust the heating site in the acupoints of the human body (heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney and stomach). After electricity and heating, you will regulate the meridians of the body through far-infrared thermal radiation, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.         A knee guard has multiple uses                                                                Shoulder hot compress,The neck hot compress,Knee hot compress,The waist hot compress,Hot feet apply,Abdominal hot compress.Size can be adjusted at will
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