UDINEK Far Infrared Electric Weight Loss Belt

UDINEK Far Infrared Electric Weight Loss Belt

UDINEK Far Infrared Electric Weight Loss Belt  Easily Have A4 Waist(Widened Version)



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Shape the S curve and fall in love with the feeling of being a goddess

UDINEK vibration heating weight loss belt, easy to thin waist, thin legs, thin belly. Burns fat efficiently and quickly.

This belt is heated with far infrared rays to help you reduce stress and prevent muscle relaxation. It is suitable for massage at home, office and gym.


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  • speed heating mode selection and 3-speed vibration mode selection, four massage motors correspond to four acupoints, which help reduce fatigue and soreness.


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Using PU waterproof material, widened design, increase the warm palace area, easy to durable and clean.


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The role of UDINEK slimming belt

  1. Slimming:

The weight loss belt uses high rotation speed to stimulate the abdomen, including a number of acupoints that are important for weight loss and digestion. In addition, it also stimulates the parts where fat accumulates according to the exercise principle of "training and restoration" in sports science, decomposes fat into small pieces and breaks away from the fat layer to achieve the purpose of assisting weight loss.

  1. Detoxification:

The weight loss belt enhances the detoxification function of the human body. It stimulates the Guanyuan point 3 inches below the navel; and the function of the Guanyuan point is to strengthen the body's absorption of nutrients and excretion of residues.

  1. Massage:

The weight loss belt uses its circling action to perform effective massage to strengthen the action function of the blood and lymphatic circulation system.

  1. Thermal function:

With the weight loss belt, you can enjoy the warm and comfortable heat brought by hyperthermia. With the improvement of blood circulation, the whole person will feel like being recharged.

  1. Motor design:

It utilizes the principle of symmetrical two-point massage, and its two rotating massage heads provide a balanced treatment that effectively removes excess fat from the abdomen, temples, thighs and other areas.


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  1. Burn fat, lose weight, reduce muscle fatigue.
  2. Promote digestion, promote blood circulation, and promote metabolism.
  3. Eliminate harmful toxins from the human body and make the skin soft and smooth.
  4. Weight loss and fitness. Quickly achieve the effects of lipid-lowering, weight loss, massage and fitness.
  5. The effect of far-infrared heat can accelerate the decomposition of fat to promote the excretion of impurities in the body; it can also be used as heat therapy to relieve low back pain.


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For people with poor sitting posture for a long time, the weight loss belt can help us correct the problem of the waist and trunk skewness.


  1. Back: The weight loss belt can also act on the neck, relieve pain caused by long-term poor sitting posture, and create a perfect back curve.
  2. Arm: The weight loss belt can tighten the arm muscles and relax the stiff stiff shoulders. Create the perfect arm line.
  3. Waist: The weight loss belt uses the far infrared fat burning function to effectively eliminate the fat on the waist and create a perfect waist.
  4. Abdomen: The weight loss belt can shape the flat abdominal muscles and strengthen the digestive function of the intestines.
  5. Buttocks: The weight loss belt also has the function of lifting the buttocks and shaping the body, improving the looseness and falling of the buttocks.
  6. Thighs: Slimming belts tied to the thighs can improve sagging thighs, eliminate carrot legs, and shape a complete posture.
  7. Calf: It can also relieve calf pain, tighten the calf muscles, and make the calf slender and charming.

The effect of the fat-burning weight loss belt is very ideal, which allows us to quickly have a perfect figure. However, if the figure is particularly obese, it is recommended to take some professional measures, so as to quickly get rid of the fat on the body and make the figure better more perfect.


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  1. It is forbidden to use it at night, and it is strictly forbidden to fold or press it during use.
  2. It is forbidden to insert foreign objects or stab the product with a sharp object, and it is forbidden to pull the power cord or the joint of the controller forcefully.
  3. When leaving the product, be sure to cut off the power supply, hold the plug and pull it out, do not pull the wire directly.
  4. Do not wash with water, turn off the switch after use, disconnect the power supply, and store it after cooling.
  5. Those who cannot take care of themselves, pregnant women, infants and young children, and those who are seriously unwell should not use it.

6 If an abnormality occurs during use, please disconnect the power supply in time to stop using it.

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