V ddhoger electric hairdressing cap hair softer and more beautiful

V ddhoger electric hairdressing cap hair softer and more beautiful

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Do you still have the following problems?

After using expensive hair mask nutrients, the hair still cannot be absorbed. The hair is soft, thick and hard, oily on the top of the head, dry and split ends, and the hair is dry after perm and dyeing.

The use of electric hairdressing caps can do good care for the hair, strengthen the nutrient absorption of the hair, and improve the hair quality. It can get a good solution to the glow, severe damage, multiple split ends, excessive fluffy, fragile and fragile hair. The treatment makes dry and yellow hair become shiny and plump.

Hair care products in barbershops hurt, and the money spent is more expensive. For your own hair care with an electric hairdressing cap, it is an ideal way to care for your hair,Personal households are cleaner and more hygienic,Enjoy life, hair change and temperament at the same time.

So, how should the hairdressing cap be used for hair care treatment? Make your hair shiny, plump and refreshed.

How to use hairdressing cap

  1. Wash the hair first, and then wash the hair. After washing, we take out the towel and wipe the hair half dry. It is not advisable to dry the hair completely. Do not use conditioner to wash your hair. Otherwise, the use of a hairdressing cap will have no effect. Up.
  2. Apply the hair mask, take out the prepared hair mask, and apply the hair mask evenly on the hair. The hair mask should be applied to the middle of the hair to the tips of the hair, and do not apply to the scalp when applying.
  3. Put on the shower cap, we first fix the hair with a towel or bath towel. And gently massage the hair and scalp. Put on the hairdressing cap and pull the two ends of the rope to the left and right, move the fixing ring, and cover the head tightly.
  4. Plug the plug into the power supply, and the use time is about 15-20 minutes. When the greenhouse is low in winter, you can plug in the power supply first to make it more comfortable to use after the inside is warm.

After 5.5 minutes, pull down the fixing ring to relax the rope, take off the hairdressing cap, and pull out the plug after use.

  1. Take off the towel, cool the hair, wash off the hair mask, and blow dry the hair.
  2. After use, if you need to clean it, just let it stand for a while until the heating cap returns to normal temperature, unzip the zipper, remove the inner tank, wash it with warm water, and then let it dry naturally.                    

    Hold the power for 3 seconds to turn on/off.Time +/- button adjust the length of time (0~30min).Temperature +/- button adjust the temperature(37°C~80°C).When the temperature reaches 70°C, the thermostat will automatically disconnect the power supply to avoid high temperatures and potential problems.When the temperature is below45°C, it will automatically continueto heat.                                                                  

    Upgraded outer waterproof material, good waterproof performance, tight texture, easy to clean.

    Adjustable headband allows the hat to fit your head perfectly.

    Easy-to-clean PVC upholstery and dry after use.

    Ring-shaped uniform heating, scientific and reasonable design.

    Simple and beautiful appearance, not easy to get dirty.                                  

    Give yourself more self-confidence, give life a little more tenderness.

    This electronic hair care heating cap can enhance the absorption capacity of hair strands to make your hair smooth and shiny,Easily care for hair, simple and convenient to use.                                                                       

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