V ddhoger fir sauna blanket for body shaper detox

V ddhoger fir sauna blanket for body shaper detox

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Are you facing the following problems?

No time, no time for work and taking children to the gym. There is no venue, no place to put equipment for exercise at home. It’s too hard. Going to the gym after get off work is too exhausting and I don’t have time to persist. The effect is poor, and there is no effect before each comparison.

Suitable for the crowd: young white-collar workers with bloated body and low self-esteem, work pressure, mothers who sweat after the full moon after confinement, elderly elders who do not sleep well, otaku otaku who exercise less and sweat less, are weak and tired easily Young people, students with heavy academic burdens, etc.

Using a sauna blanket is equivalent to running for 3 hours, climbing for 4 hours, riding for 5 hours, and exercising for 2 hours a day. It can effectively solve the phenomenon of shoulder and neck stiffness and soreness, help eliminate acid and poison, and allow more people to regain it. Healthy, suitable for people of different ages, accelerate the elimination of acidosis. And it can also improve the decline of memory and improve people's sleep quality. Accelerate the body's metabolic function, help the intestinal motility, eliminate acid toxins, and eliminate fatty acids.Never sweating vigorously anymore.

Product Efficacy: Burn fat, lose weight and detoxify. Enhance physical fitness and improve immunity. Invigorate blood and strengthen the body, improve joint pain. Bodybuilding, skin care and skin rejuvenation. Warm and nourish the internal organs and maintain health.

Far-infrared introduction: Medically, it is believed that: "Generally, there is no pain, and pain is unreasonable." Many diseases are related to the body's own qi and blood. It stimulates acupuncture points and painful parts on the surface of the human body to a certain extent. After the infrared rays penetrate into the human body It will cause the "resonance effect" of the atoms and molecules of the human cells, through the resonance absorption, the formation of a thermal response, which promotes the temperature rise of the deep subcutaneous layer, and expands the capillaries, promotes blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and collaterals, unblocks the qi and blood, and renews Resurrect tissues, promote enzyme production, activate tissue cells, prevent aging, strengthen the system, and achieve the purpose of disease prevention.

  1. Select high-quality fabrics, environmental protection and no odor, to ensure the temperature effect of steaming! The use of high-quality waterproof and heat-resistant Oxford cloth is durable and effectively enhances the use time of the blanket.
  2. The fine workmanship, tight stitching, keep the temperature in use and achieve better acid discharge effect.
  3. High-quality zippers, selected high-quality zippers, pull more smoothly and effortlessly, allowing you to easily enjoy the sauna health experience.            

    Multi-angle "sauna" enjoyment

    Advantages: Compared with the previous ordinary models, the upper zipper can sit in the sauna, lie down in the sauna, and use the mobile phone while in the sauna. You can free your hands when using the sauna blanket so that you can use your mobile phone, read newspapers and books.The upper and lower sides heat separately, and the temperature is controlled by yourself.                                                                                    

    Working principle: Use infrared dry steaming to accelerate blood circulation, promote body metabolism, and play a physical therapy role for body health. Adjustable digital control can set the temperature according to your own situation. Through infrared heat radiation, the fat cells are softened and dissolved, and the fat cells are softened and dissolved quickly. It has the effects of sweating, detoxification and weight loss, and can also treat diseases such as physical therapy.                                           

    Three major upgrades, higher body, precise parts, more heat dissipation holes, 100% safety and no hidden dangers, no leakage. Using the principle of charging and transforming similar to mobile phones, the voltage and current are transformed into heat without generating large currents. In addition, the blanket is isolated by multiple layers of insulating materials, so there is no safety hazard. The detailed operation guide is simple and easy to understand.                                                                       

    180*81 cm (70.8*31.9 inches), the maximum shoulder is 64", the maximum hip is 64", and it has flexible stretching ability even in different sleeping positions. 360° thermal cycle, covering every part of the body, enjoy a private SPA, one step closer to beauty!                                              


    1. Adjust the temperature and time of the main box, the recommended temperature is 65-75 degrees, and the time is 30-50 minutes.
    2. Put on a disposable bath bag.
    3. Sleep in a sweat steaming blanket with your head exposed.
    4. Close the zipper, close your eyes and enjoy 30-50 minutes.


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