Pinjaze , live with health beauty and joy .

Pinjaze , live with health beauty and joy .

Pinjaze is a New York-based brand of home and commercial health and beauty medical products.

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The fast pace of work can sometimes make people feel tired, and both women and men are often troubled by problems such as aging and rough skin due to air quality and other issues. The founder of the Pinjaze brand, Jason Pinjaze, is a man who often indulges in fast-paced work. Professional, this fast-paced lifestyle makes him tired from time to time. One day, his wife complained to him that he spends less time with his family, and his own appearance is getting old, and the health of his family will occasionally appear a little small. The problem, he ignores it all because of the fast pace of work. Hearing his wife's words, Jason Pinjaze suddenly felt that he couldn't go on like this, and he decided to spend the rest of his time doing something more meaningful. So he created the Pinjaze brand under his own name, dedicated to researching and developing high-quality products related to health, beauty and medical devices.

After several years of work, Pinjaze has established a number of laboratories and gathered professional R&D engineers. Currently, in addition to a series of products including family steam, leisure massage, and beauty equipment, Mr. Jason Pinjaze insists that every product is Use it yourself and achieve the desired effect before it will be sold in the Pinjaze store.

When we develop a new product and think that our product users will become healthier and more beautiful, we must be happy, and we always maintain a humble heart and listen to the voice of users, so that we can Continuously improve our products, we believe that our efforts can make Pinjaze product users healthier and more beautiful.

This is Pinjaze.


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