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Udinek,super high quality !

Udinek Slimming Vibration Massage Heat Belt

Udinek Slimming Vibration Massage Heat Belt

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Slimming Belt with Hot Compress & Vibrating Massage Function Weight Losing Health Care Tools Heating Massager Fitness Device
  • UDINEK ( a proffessional Beauty brand)
    Deliver from Seattle WA,Usually you can receive it within about 7days (address in the United States);


5 highlights points
  • ☆[Vibrating Massage]: Vibration motors are loaded in the belt for massage on waist and belly body parts that can relieve muscle tensions and fatigues through promoting circulation for better relaxing and comfortable enjoyment.
  • ☆[Heating]: Hot compress is applied on the vibration massage belt to enhance temperature heat for warming body up to shaping on abdomen, waist, lower back and belly.
  • ☆[& Body Shaping]: Due to hot compress and vibration massage applied, the belt achieves sports simulation to make users sweating out for effective body and body shaping function.
  • ☆[Upgraded Design]: We upgraded the slimming belt according to customer reviews that include wider belt and a controller with screen for more accurate intensity and launch time adjustment, and for wider application part on body.
  • ☆[Customer Service]: We provide professional, patient and friendly customer guidance including customer guide, after-sale service, problem solving.

Warranty policy:

From the date you receive the product, returns and exchanges are supported within 30 days (non product quality issues require you to pay for round-trip shipping); 1 year warranty; If there are any issues with the product, it can be sent back to our office in Seattle for repair.( you can contact us via email


1. How can i learn to using it after purchasing?

There is a detailed manual with the goods, you can learn using it by reading the book. You can also send us an email to request a usage video.

2. Will it be damaged during transportation?

This machine is well packaged and there is no need to worry about transportation damage.

3.Is the product as good as described?

Yes,we sincerely tell you the true information at this page.

4. What is the email address for consulting your product?

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