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Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine

Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine

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Hydrogen-Oxygen Facial Machine,7 in 1 Multifunctional Professional Hydrafacial Machine for Home and Beauty Salon
Hydrogen-Oxygen Hydra Facial Machine – A 7 in 1 Multifunctional Face Care Device for Home and Beauty Salon

About this item

  • Advance Technology: Udinek adopts advance technology to convert the purified water into hydrogen and oxygen water which can quickly move into the skin to achieve the effect of cleaning. It improves blood circulation and absorption of beauty products.
  • Multifunctional Device: Our multifunctional Hydrogen Oxygen facial machine moisturize the skin to make it smooth. It tightens the chin line to clear the under-eye area and lines on the eyes. It helps in improving the color and skin relaxation.
  • Saves Time and Money: The whole process Usually completed in less than 15 minutes and requires no extra finishing on your face. It quickly clears skin with smooth and refreshing effect to achieve young and glowing skin.
  • Easy to Use: Our device can be used very conveniently. It does not require any tricky setup. You just have to adjust the time, function mode and energy intensity according to your need and enjoy the benefits of our Hydra facial machine
  • Smart Screen: Our device is full of unique features and one of them is smart screen. You can control all the functions and modes including time and intensity conveniently with just a touch on the screen.

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